FAQs for Buyers

These listings are not a complete list of CFA registered breeders, but only those who have chose to participate in the online breeder listing.  For a full list of CFA registered catteries, please see our cattery name index.

Pricing on kittens is up to each individual breeder, and may vary depending upon the quality of the kitten, its bloodlines, its color, or even its markings.  When talking to a breeder, price and conditions of sale should definitely be discusssed. You will also need to determine if the price you agree upon includes the registration papers and breeding rights.

CFA cannot endorse or recommend a specific breeder. Below are some guidelines which may help you determine if your chosen breeder is the “right” breeder for you.

  • The responsible breeder is willing to take the time to talk with the prospective purchaser and share information about the breed, both before and after the purchase.
  • The responsible breeder will likewise interview the prospective purchaser to determine the kind of home the kitten or cat will have.
  • The responsible breeder will not sell kittens before they are 12-14 weeks of age and have been vaccinated. Some pet quality kittens will already be neutered or spayed; others will be contractually required to be altered by a certain age.
  • The responsible breeder will provide a health guarantee in writing.

It is advisable to visit the breeder’s home and to see the sire and dam of the kittens and when possible, the other cats in the cattery. By observing the prospective kitten in its environment, it may be easier to judge the relative health and cleanliness of conditions in which the kittens were raised. However, when purchasing a kitten from a breeder in another state, or at a cat show, this home visit may not be possible. Additionally, many breeders – especially those who live alone — fear becoming a crime victim, and are reluctant to allow any strangers into their home.

There are also restrictive breeding laws and pet number limit laws in jurisdictions across the country which can make even the most responsible breeder less likely to allow strangers into the home. In any case, when a home visit is not possible, you can ask the breeder for references from people who have previously purchased kittens or can ask permission to discuss the breeder’s cats with his or her veterinarian. Most of all, you should be comfortable in your dealings with a breeder.

FAQs for Breeders

CFA is a trusted source for cat lovers to find the world’s best pedigree cats. As a CFA registered cattery, you can gain continued exposure to kitten buyers with an advertisement on the CFA Find A Breeder Website.

When you initially sign up for an advertising subscription, a User ID and password must be created.  From any page, click on “Add Listing”.  You will be asked to enter your information, and submit payment.  Your listing will then be held for manual review, a process that may take 2-3 business days.

You should be able to find the answers to all of your questions below.  However, if you have any additional questions or comments, please email us at find-a-breeder@cfa.org.

Advertisements are available to CFA registered catteries in good standing that have registered a litter within the past 2 years. You will need a litter registration number for any litter within the past 2 years  when you first sign up for this service.

Your basic listing includes 1 – 5 breeds for $44.95 for a one-year listing. This price includes 1 – 10 photos. A breeder may purchase more than one listing, if for example, you have more than one cattery name and wish to have a separate description and photo gallery for each.

All descriptions and photos must be reviewed by CFA prior to publication. Once approved, your listing will be shown. You will receive an email from CFA, telling you what has been approved or denied. While you, as the breeder, can access your listing under your dashboard when logged on, it will not be available to the general public until CFA approves it.

CFA does not allow the mention of other registries, nor of breeds not currently accepted for registration at CFA. Each denial message will include a reason for our action.

Due to COPPA regulations, there are certain strict limitations on inclusion of children on web-based sites. CFA has a policy not to portray children without explicit written consent.

You can renew your listing by clicking on the “Renew Listing” button in your dashboard when you are logged in, or you can go directly to